New Open - Leaves Coffee Nakijin

New Open - Leaves Coffee Nakijin

The brand name, LEAVES, expresses the idea that "Leaves that have finished their role fall from the branches and become nutrients for new leaves, so we will continue to challenge new things and move forward." LEAVES COFFEE NAKIJIN will be grand opened on September 16, 2022.

The reason why we dare to open a new store in Nakijin Village, Okinawa, far away is to further increase the value of coffee and barista, and to provide unknown and future experiences.

You can have a state-of-the-art brewing experience with equipment that is difficult to obtain in Japan, such as Mavam Espresso Machine, Ditting Lab Sweet, Weber Workshops EG-1, and OREA.

The box, which Ishii describes as a “space of spirit and time”, is designed with the image of a tea room, and is a standing style box that is very close to the barista.

2181-1 Daifukuhara, Wakikawa, Nakijin Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture 905-0412
Business hours 10:00-17:00
Reservation priority, irregular holidays.

For more information, please see the latest information on Instagram.

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