Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we would love to see you having our coffee there! However, due to COVID-19 limitation, there are some countries that unable to deliver. As of our experience so far, EMS is the safest and fastest way to deliver. Shipping cost will be calculated automatically when you fill up the address on cart.

How long does it takes?

It would take approximately 7-14 business days to your door steps. We will let you know the tracking number so that you don’t have to be crazy not being delivered!

How long since roasting date?

Our roasting level is light, Omni style. We recommend you to start your brew at least 2 weeks after the roasting date. Some of origins like Geishas, we love it 1 month after the roasting!

Can you do a gift wrapping for my order

At the moment we are working on the design of the box. More information will be on our Instagram (@leaves_coffee_roasters)