About us

Tokyo Roaster

The brand name "LEAVES" expresses the desire to continue growing while always taking on new challenges, just like the leaves that have finished their role fall off the branches and become nutrients for new leaves.

LEAVES COFFEE ROASTERS representative and roaster Yasuo Ishii

A former professional boxer born in Fukagawa, Koto Ward, Tokyo. Having a career in the restaurant business spanning 20 years since his teens, he has experienced many restaurant management, direction, and consulting.

A coffee gift from an acquaintance in 2010 will open the door to a new world. Opened LEAVES COFFEE APARTMENT in 2016.

In January 2019, the roastery started as ROASTERS. They currently have two machines running for production roasting, Probat UG-15 and Giesen W6A.

Both barista and roaster are self-taught, establishing their own style, and in the first year of roasting JRC (Japan Roasting Competition), ranked 1st in the Tokyo area and 3rd in the country.

In order to concentrate on the roasting business and the store business, the roastery is open for three days a week, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. By maximizing the potential of the ingredients, we aim to create a clean 'drink' with a pleasant balance of acidity and sweetness.

Through coffee, we aim to deliver extraordinary experiences in everyday life, and to enrich the global environment and people's health.